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Team workout of the day

Team WOD Classes

Working with a group in a gym is way more fun than working alone on the living room floor. So join us for a Saturday team WOD (Workout of the Day) where you can throw down with your favorite friends or crush your fitness with somebody new.

Class Details

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60 Minutes
High (Variable)

About the Class

When you’re part of a team, the WOD might seem like it will be easier. In reality, though, you are working just as hard—if not even harder than usual! Suppose you have a buddy who's willing to help push you. In that case, there’s no reason why you can't work even more than usual—mainly if your competitive nature is one of your strengths.

Attending a Team WOD is a great way to meet all members you may not get to interact with while also getting in a great workout on a Saturday. Team WOD resembles a loosely structured version of our regular CrossFit Classes while incorporating movements you may not get to perform throughout the weekday classes. We love to have a good time, push each other, and encourage each other in between sets.

Class Schedule


  • 10:00am

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